Submission Guidelines For the abstract to be accepted, submission must include a one-paragraph abstract that

(a) is between 100-150 words-long,

(b) gives a brief background of the topic,

(c) has a clear link to at least one theory,

(d) presents the specific research design and methods used,

(e) a brief synthesis of the findings (if study is done) or importance of the study (if study is still ongoing).

For a theoretical presentation, the abstract must

(a) be between 100-150 words-long,

(b) give a brief background of the topic,

(c) introduce the major sections of the topic, and

(d) be focused on qualitative research. It must be saved in a Word document (.doc or .docx).

The title of the abstract must be between 6 to 12 words, followed immediately by the name of the author/presenter, his/her highest degree, institution affiliation and its physical address, email address and cellphone/telephone number. A maximum of two abstracts are allowed per presenter.   The conference is multidisciplinary in nature because what brings participants together in this conference is not a specific field, but rather qualitative research.

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