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Welcome to Asian Qualitative Research Association (AQRA), the place where research is used to touch people's lives. We are glad that you are on this page. Please click on the different links to get to know us. We hope you will join us soon. Contact if you have any question. Again, welcome!


Dear Prof. Gladstone (one of the AQRA mentors), 
AQRA is such an empowering learning experience! Last 2016 you were my mentor in my qualitative research about the prisoners who are studying in my university's extension school in Bilibid, Muntinlupa City.......

My endless thanks goes to you Sir for teaching me about the point of saturation in research and challenging me to think of a better theory that would serve as the framework of the study.

It is with joy also that I share to you that the said research was instrumental in strengthening the said extension program. The points for improvement as mentioned by my participants were taken into account by the school (especially about facilities). At present, our college (College of Communication) is spearheading this project for the student-inmates - we are helping them come up with their very own school publication. We've been going in and out of prisons to teach these inmates proper editorial, news, and features writing, as well as lay-outing and photography. It gives me tremendous pride to see them start something from scratch and work very hard to achieve an output that we can show the world. We are due to publish the first issue before the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. I was hoping to send a copy to AIIAS if it's possible.

Sir, I still have so much to learn as a young professor, but through God's grace and the guidance of selfless mentors like you, I don't ever want to stop learning for myself and for my students. This 2017, I encouraged two of my advisees to present and they were really amazed because of the warm reception and the spirit of collegiality in AQRA. I hope to bring in more students in the coming years to instill in them the love for qualitative research. May God continue to give you the strength and provisions to continue the wonderful work you are doing at AQRA.

Best regards,

Jeniffer Rio Capanang-Alagar (from the Philippines)

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