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Welcome to Asian Qualitative Research Association (AQRA), the place where research is used to touch people's lives. We are glad that you are on this page. Please click on the different links to get to know us. We hope you will join us soon. Contact if you have any question. Again, welcome!

The story of conversion: Since I was asked to give a testimony on AQRA, let me put it in a testimonial way.
Before I was an unconverted researcher, who did not know the truth about qualitative inquiry. But one day I heard a voice. It was the voice of Dr. Safary who was giving a seminar. He would mention mysterious words like, trusworthiness, dependability, generalization, triangulation etc. They all sounded meaningless to me…

To cut the story short, after I encountered the great missionaries of qualitative research such as Drs. Green, Dr. Rosario and others who taught me the truth about qualitative research, I got converted. The memorable event was a big qualitative evangelistic meeting called First International Conference on Qualitative Research in Tagaytay, where I got baptized as a qualitative researcher. Currently I am writing my dissertation employing QLR. When I finish, I will become a missionary spreading the good news about QLR among other researchers who are still in darkness. 
By. Sergo Namoradze, PhD Student, AIIAS, Philippines (from the country of Georgia)

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